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Price List by Category

2001Red Banqueting Chair1.3
2000Blue Banqueting Chair1.5
2004Samsonite Folding Chair0.95
Brentwood Collection
2002BlackSilver B’wood Chair (Black pad)1.95
2002BlueSilver B’wood Chair (Blue pad)1.95
2002DGreenSilver B’wood Chair (Dark Green Pad)1.95
2002GoldSilver B’wood Chair (Gold pad)1.95
2002GreenSilver B’wood Chair (Light Green pad)1.95
2002IvorySilver B’wood Chair (Ivory pad)2.45
2002PinkSilver B’wood Chair (Pink pad)2.45
2002PurpleSilver B’wood Chair (Purple pad)1.95
2002RedSilver B’wood Chair (Red pad)1.95
2002WhiteSilver B’wood Chair (White pad)2.45
2003BlackGold B’wood Chair (Black pad)1.95
2003BlueGold B’wood Chair (Blue pad)1.95
2003DGreenGold B’wood Chair (Dark Green Pad)1.95
2003GoldGold B’wood Chair (Gold pad)1.95
2003GreenGold B’wood Chair (Light Green Pad)1.95
2003IvoryGold B’wood Chair (Ivory pad)2.45
2003PinkGold B’wood Chair (Pink pad)2.45
2003PurpleGold B’wood Chair (Purple pad)1.95
2003RedGold B’wood Chair (Red pad)1.95
2003WhiteGold B’wood Chair (White pad)2.45
2005BlackBlack B’wood Chair (Black pad)1.95
2005BlueBlack B’wood Chair (Blue pad)1.95
2005DGreenBlack B’wood Chair (Dark Green Pad)1.95
2005GoldBlack B’wood Chair (Gold pad)1.95
2005GreenBlack B’wood Chair (Light Green Pad)1.95
2005IvoryBlack B’wood Chair (Ivory pad)2.45
2005PinkBlack B’wood Chair (Pink pad)2.45
2005PurpleBlack B’wood Chair (Purple pad)1.95
2005RedBlack B’wood Chair (Red pad)1.95
2005WhiteBlack B’wood Chair (White pad)2.45
Chiavari Collection
2028BlackLimewash Chiavari (Black pad)2.3
2028BlueLimewash Chiavari (Blue pad)2.3
2028DGreenLimewash Chiavari (Dark Green Pad)2.3
2028GoldLimewash Chiavari (Gold pad)2.3
2028GreenLimewash Chiavari (Light Green Pad)2.3
2028IvoryLimewash Chiavari (Ivory pad)2.8
2028PinkLimewash Chiavari (Pink pad)2.8
2028PurpleLimewash Chiavari (Purple pad)2.3
2028RedLimewash Chiavari (Red pad)2.3
2028WhiteLimewash Chiavari (White pad)2.8
20098ft x 2.5ft Trestle Table3.95
20116ft x 2.5ft Trestle Table2.1
20124ft x 2.5ft Trestle Table2
20152.5ft x 2.5ft Square Table2.95
20356ft x 39inch Trestle Table10
20136ft x 1.5ft Trestle Table2.75
20086ft x 2.5ft Easy Wipe Table2.95
20734inch x 2inch Easy Wipe  Table2
24466inch x 2.5inch table with Stainless Top12
20176ft Round Table4.5
20275ft 6inch Round Table5
20185ft Round Table3.85
20194ft Round Table3.6
20203ft Round Table3.5
202527inch Round HFAL Tables2.95
20376ft x 4ft Oval Table5.25
20365ft Half Moon Table4.75
20387ft Half Moon Table6.5
2026Leg Ext for table 6inch (Set of 4)3.5
2030Patio Chair White0.99
2031Patio Table White2.2
2065Patio Chair Green0.99
2066Patio Table Green2.2
2021Aluminium Bistro Table3.95
2022Aluminium Bistro Chair2.75
2023Aluminium High Stool7.5
2071Aluminium Poseur Table15
2040High Chair7.5
20642 Seat Sofa25
Avant Garde Crockery
2201AVAvant Garde Soup Bowl0.25102.5
2225AVAvant Garde Soup Bowl Liner0.25102.5
2205AVAvant Garde 6½” Plate (17cm)0.25102.5
2203AVAvant Garde 11½” Plate (29cm)0.25102.5
2217AVAvant Garde 12½” Plate (32cm)0.35103.5
2218AVAvant Garde 12½” Gourmet Bowl0.5105
2206AVAvant Garde Tea Cup (6oz)0.25102.5
2207AVAvant Garde Saucer0.25102.5
2206AVZAvant Garde Demi Cup (6oz)0.3103
2207AVZAvant Garde Demi Saucer0.3103
Chamonix Crockery
2205CHChamonix Side Plate 6½”0.2102
2202CHChamonix Plate 9inch0.2102
2203CHChamonix Dinner Plate 11½”0.2102
2217CHChamonix Dinner Plate 12½”0.3103
2206CHChamonix Tea Cup 7oz0.2102
2207CHChamonix Tea Saucer0.2102
Premiere Crockery
2201PBPremiere Soup Bowl0.15101.5
2201PPPremiere Soup Plate0.15101.5
2207PPremiere Saucer/Liner0.15101.5
2205PPremiere Side Plate0.15101.5
2202PPremiere Fish Plate 8inch0.15101.5
2203PPremiere Dinner Plate 10inch0.15101.5
2217PPremiere Dinner Plate 12inch0.3103
2204PPremiere Dessert Bowl0.15101.5
2206PPremiere Tea Cup 7oz0.15101.5
2207PPremiere Saucer/Liner0.15101.5
2206PZPremiere Demi Coffee Cup0.3103
2207PZPremiere Demi Saucer0.3103
2208PPremiere Sugar Bowl0.2510.25
2209PPremiere Cream Jug0.2510.25
2210PPremiere Salt Dish0.2510.25
2211PPremiere Pepper Dish0.2510.25
2212PPremiere Butter Dish0.2510.25
Simplicity Crockery
2201SBSimplicity Soup Bowl0.2102
2225SSimplicity Soup Bowl Liner0.2102
2205SSimplicity 6.5inch Side Plate0.2102
2203SSimplicity 10inch Plate0.2102
2217SSimplicity 12inch Plate0.3103
2206SSimplicity Tea Cup 8oz0.2102
2207SSimplicity Tea Saucer0.2102
2206SZSimplicity Expresso Cup 3.5oz0.3103
2207SZSimplicity Expresso Saucer0.3103
2227SSimplicity 10oz Mug0.5105
2228SSimplicity 12oz Cappuccino Cup0.3103
2229SSimplicity Cappuccino Saucer0.3103
2208SSimplicity Sugar Bowl0.25102.5
2209SSimplicity Cream Jug0.25102.5
2210SSimplicity Salt Dish0.25102.5
2211SSimplicity Pepper Dish0.25102.5
2212SSimplicity Butter Pad0.25102.5
2215Ramekin Dish0.4104
2218Pasta Bowl0.4104
2219Blue Glass Charger Plate0.4104
Special Tableware
222410inch White Square Plate0.25102.5
222112inch White Square Plate0.25102.5
222312inch Square Glass Charger Plate1.51015
223512inch Rectangular Plate0.5105
2206GGlass Tea Cup & Holder0.3103
2206GZGlass Demi Coffee Cup & Holder0.3103
2207GStainleSteel Liner0.3103
2223GGold Charger Plate (12inch)0.35103.5
2223SSilver Charger Plate (12inch)0.35103.5
Canapes & Buffets
2263Canape Spoon0.2510.25
2264Chinese Spoon0.2510.25
2265Canape Fork0.2510.25
2231Canape Bowl0.310.3
2213Party Clip/Plate Clip0.1510.15
2233Canape Tray (22inch x 6inch)515
2232Rice Bowl0.310.3
2226Salad Bowl (White)1.4511.45
2327Fruit/Display Stand (EPNS)25125
2828Large Glass Bowl0.8510.85
2829Small Glass Bowl0.7510.75
Table Accessories
2306Bread Basket0.510.5
2324Candelabra 3 Branch4.514.5
2307Table Stand111
2312Table Stand 18inch (ST/STEEL)212
2308Table Stand Number0.2510.25
2311Napkin Ring (St Steel)0.610.6
2328Salt Mill Anodised1.2511.25
2329Pepper Mill Anodised1.2511.25
2230Ying Yang Dish (Salt & Pepper)0.3510.35
2388China Sauce Boat0.8510.85
2234Porcelain Traditional Jug 32cl (11oz) White111
Comet Cutlery
2253CComet Dinner Knife0.2102
2254CComet Dinner Fork0.2102
2255CComet Side/Starter Knife0.2102
2258CComet Dessert/Starter Fork0.2102
2256CComet Dessert Spoon0.2102
2262CComet Coffee Spoon0.2102
Jester Cutlery
2250JJester Soup Spoon0.16101.6
2253JJester Dinner Knife0.16101.6
2254JJester Dinner Fork0.16101.6
2255JJester Side/Starter Knife0.16101.6
2258JJester Dessert/Starter Fork0.16101.6
2256JJester Dessert Spoon0.16101.6
2259JJester Teaspoon0.16101.6
2262JJester Coffee Spoon0.16101.6
Monteverdi Cutlery
2250MMonteverdi Soup Spoon0.13101.3
2253MMonteverdi Dinner Knife0.13101.3
2254MMonteverdi Dinner Fork0.13101.3
2255MMonteverdi Side/Starter Knife0.13101.3
2258MMonteverdi Dessert/Starter Fork0.13101.3
2256MMonteverdi Dessert Spoon0.13101.3
2259MMonteverdi Teaspoon0.13101.3
2262MMonteverdi Coffee Spoon0.13101.3
Dubarry Cutlery
2250DDubarry Soup Spoon0.12101.2
2251DDubarry Fish Knife0.12101.2
2252DDubarry Fish Fork0.12101.2
2253DDubarry Dinner Knife0.12101.2
2254DDubarry Dinner Fork0.12101.2
2255DDubarry Side/Starter Knife0.12101.2
2258DDubarry Dessert/Starter Fork0.12101.2
2256DDubarry Dessert Spoon0.12101.2
2259DDubarry Teaspoon0.12101.2
2262DDubarry Coffee Spoon0.12101.2
2260DDubarry Serving Spoon0.210.2
2261DDubarry Serving Fork0.210.2
2260HServing Spoon0.2510.25
2261HServing Fork0.2510.25
Fine Glassware
2816Signature 8oz Goblet0.2244.8
2817Signature 12oz Goblet0.2244.8
2818Signature Flute0.2357
2819Burgunder 17oz Goblet0.25153.75
2819Burgunder 14oz Goblet0.25153.75
2820Burgunder 10oz Goblet0.25246
2823Contemporary Water/Whisky Glass0.25246
2838Contemporary Tall Glass0.2408
2813Martini Glass (5oz)0.2153
2885Francine 9.5oz Martini0.510.5
2815Frosted Slim Jim (12oz)0.254010
2824Shot Glass0.2244.8
2833Tall Shot Glass0.2244.8
2836Shot Glawith Handle0.2244.8
2874ISO Wine Tasting Glass0.3247.2
2879Ruby Wine Gla(12oz)0.25246
2822Cobalt Water Goblet0.52412
Glass for the Bar
2801One Pint Glass0.13151.95
2802Half Pint Glass0.13243.12
280312oz Hi Ball0.13405.2
280410oz Hi Ball (1/2 pint)0.13405.2
28058oz Hi Ball0.13405.2
28066oz Whisky Glass0.13405.2
28076oz Flute/Champagne0.13405.2
28086 2/3oz Paris Goblet0.13243.12
2809Champagne Saucer0.13243.12
2810Brandy Glass0.13243.12
2811Liqueur Glass0.13243.12
2812Sherry/Port Glass0.13243.12
2825Water Jug (1L)0.8510.85
28264 Pint Water Pitcher1.2511.25
2827Glass Ashtray0.210.2
Crystal Glassware
2851Large Crystal Goblet0.5126
2852Small Crystal Goblet0.5126
2853Crystal Flute/Champagne0.5126
2854Crystal Water Glass0.5126
2855Crystal Brandy Glass0.5126
2857Crystal Sherry/Port Glass0.5126
2858Crystal Whisky Glass0.5126
Table Linen
2100White Table Cover 90inch x 144inch£POA
2101White Table Cover 70inch x 144inch£POA
2102White Table Cover 70inch x 108inch£POA
2103White Table Cover 90inch x 90inch£POA
2104White Table Cover 70inch x 70inch£POA
2105White Table Cover 54inch x 54inch£POA
2106White 130inch Diameter Table Cover£POA
2107White 118inch Diameter Table Cover£POA
2108White 108inch Diameter Table Cover£POA
2109White 88inch Diameter Table Cover£POA
2110White Napkin 22inch x 22inch£POA
2191Waiters Cloth£POA
Coloured Linen Available POA
2334Ins Beverage Container (4 gal)17.5
23358pt Tea/Coffee Pot1.5
23363pt Tea/Coffee Pot1.1
23373.5pt Coffee Pot (St Steel)1.1
23383.5pt Tea Pot (St Steel)1.1
23391.5pt Tea/Coffee Pot St Steel0.95
2340Oval Flats (14inch/16inch)1.1
2341Oval Flats (18inch/20inch)1.2
2342Oval Flats (22inch/24inch)1.3
2343Salmon Flat (22inch/24inch)3.3
2344Vegetable Dish 12inch Plain0.95
2345Vegetable Dish 12inch (Div 2)0.95
2346Vegetable Dish Lid 12inch0.9
2347Vegetable Dish 20inch Plain1.2
2348Vegetable Dish 20inch (Div 2)1.2
2349Vegetable Dish 20inch (Div 3)1.2
2350Vegetable Dish Lid 20inch1
2351Sauce Boat (St Steel)0.85
2352Sauce Boat Liner (St Steel)0.65
2353Sauce Boat Ladle (St Steel)0.75
2354Soup Tureen3.25
2355Soup Tureen Ladle (St Steel)0.75
2357Cake Slice0.75
2358Ham Stand2.95
2359Serving Tongs0.75
2360Cheese Knife0.95
2361Marble Cheese Board (16inch x 12inch)2.95
2362Round Serving Dish 9inch0.95
2363Round Serving Dish Lid 9inch0.75
2375Coffee Pot (EPNS)1.95
2376Tea Pot (EPNS)1.95
2377Suace Boat (EPNS)1.5
2378Sauce Boat Liner (EPNS)1
2383Punch Bowl (EPNS)10
2384Punch Bowl Ladle2.5
2385Guy Tray (Butler Tray)2.35
2386Spiked Meat Dish2.5
2387Buffet Stand (Tray Stsnd)0.95
2388China Sauce Boat0.85
2409Carving Knife2.95
2410Carving Fork2.95
2500Cup Cake Stand25
2501Swan Cake Stand (3Tier)19.5
2502C Shaped Cake Stand (2tier)19.5
2503S Shaped Cake Stand (3Tier)19.5
2504Step Cake Stand (3 Tier)19.5
2505Round Cake Stand Base17.5
2506Square Cake Stand Base17.5
2507Cake Knife Silver Handled2.5
2508Pillars Set of 41
25103 Tier Cake Stand (St/Steel)3.5
25113 Tier Cake Stand (EPNS)3.5
2512Chrome Centre Stand3
2524Chafing Dish (Rectangular)7.5
2525Chafing Dish (Oval Regular)6.95
2526Chafing Dish (Round)6.5
2528Cafetiere 12 Cup2.1
2550Insulated Tea/Coff Server 1.5L2.1
2909Stainless Steel Drinks Tray0.95
2504ZSwivel Cake Stand (4Tier)19.5
2524AChaffing Dish (Oblong) Frame£-
2524BCh. Dish Fuel Holder & Snuffer£-
2524CCh. Dish (Oblong) Water Basin£-
2525AChaffing Dish (Oval) Frame£-
2525CCh. Dish (Oval) Water Basin£-
2525X2Chafing Dish (Oval Div 2)6.75
2525X3Chafing Dish (Oval Div 3)6.75
2526ACh. Dish (Round) Frame & Lid
Electrical Equipment
2601Mobile Hot Cupboard39.5
2602Mobile Hot C’brd/Bain Marie42.5
2603Mobile Hot C’brd B/M Servery90
2621Heated Display Unit Canopy19.5
2636Alto Shaam Banquet Cart150
2631Fan Assisted Oven45
2638Blue Seal Oven95
2635Convection Oven95
26056 Pot Bain Marie (Table Top)20
26064 Pot Bain Marie (Table Top)17.5
2609Twin Baby Belling17.5
2610Twin Cooker Top17.5
2611Commercial Microwave50
2612Griddle (Table Top)29.5
2613Single Fryer (Table Top)22.5
2614Twin Fryer (Table Top)50
2616Hot Pie Cabinet Display19.5
2619Soup Kettle10.5
2622Domestic Kettle2.95
26236 Gallon Electric Urn (27 ltrs)7.95
2625Pour & Serve Coffee Machine10.95
2626Pour & Serve Cona Jug1.75
2627Coffee Percolator 100 cup17.5
2657Electric Salamander Grill29.5
2676Single Door Industrial Fridge45
2682Chest Freezer45
2683Single Door Upright Freezer45
2751Hand Wash Sink Unit (twin)40
2752Hand Wash Sink Unit (single)40
2754Fly Killer7.5
Gas Equipment
26516 Ring Cooker with Oven100
2653Triple Burner Floor Standing22.5
2654Double Burner Floor Standing22.5
2660Bar-be-cue 6ft65
2661Bar-be-que 3ft50
2662Bar-be-que Tongs2.75
2663L.P.G. Gas35
Kitchen Furniture
2433Stainless Steel Table25
27554 Tier Wire Racking40
2441Jack Stack45
2445Canteen Trolley20
24466inch x 2.5inch table with Stainless Top12
2558Insulated Food Container22.5
27023 Teir Clearing Trolley17.5
2703Waste Bins8.5
27043 Teir Wooden Trolley25
2750Double Bowl Sink on Stand50
Cooking Equipment
2439Gastronorm Full2.85
2440Gastronorm Full Lid1.35
2442Gastronorm Spiked Tray10
2438Roasting Pan (17inchx13inchx3inch)2.25
2411Soup/Vegetable Pot 30pt4.2
2412Soup/Vegetable Pot 48pt4.5
2413Soup/Vegetable Pot 60pt4.75
2414Soup/Vegetable Pot 80pt4.95
2415Soup/Vegetable Pot 100pt5.1
2416Soup/Vegetable Pot 120pt5.3
2417Soup/Vegetable Pot 240pt6.25
2430Frying Pan2.95
2421Fish Kettle 24in17.5
2422Fish Kettle 30in19.5
2419Grundy Tray1.25
2418Grundy Tray & Lid1.75
2419LGrundy Tray Lid0.5
Kitchen Utensils
2190Dish Towels0.5
2403Tin Opener0.75
2404Potato Masher0.75
2908Laminated Wooden Tray0.95
2925Large Laminated Wooden Tray1.5
2402Potato/Ice Cream Scoop0.75
2436Cutlery Tray1.95
2401Plate ring0.2
2401APlate Ring 9.5inch0.2
2401CPlate Cover 9.5inch0.25
2405Large Kitchen Spoon Plain0.75
2406Large Kitchen Spoon Perf0.75
2407Fish Slice0.75
20416ft Coat Rail5.1
2043Coat Hangers Plastic0.1
2043WCoat Hangers Wooden0.12
2047Barriers Posts (Chrome)6.5
2048BBarrier Rope (Blue)4.5
2048GBarrier Rope (Green)4.5
2048RBarrier Rope (Red)4.5
2049Floor Standing Mirror17.5
2056Staging (1m sq Easy Up)20
2057Black Valance 2m for Easy Up8
2058Screens Room Dividers 5ftx5ft17.5
2062Electric Patio/Marquee Heater25
2063Flag Pole30
2068Fire Extinguisher19.5
2069Fire Blanket12.5
2070Red Carpet (30ft X 6ft)45
2673Double Undercounter Fridge45
2674Single Undercounter Fridge45
2678Glass Fronted Fridge45
2900Rapid Bottle Opener10
2902Waiters Friend0.95
2903Bottle Openers0.95
2905Ice Tongs0.75
2906Wine Cooler Stainless Steel2.1
2907Wine Cooler Stand2.5
2910Optic Stand (6 Bottle)9.75
2911Optic Stands (4 Bottle)8.75
2912Optic Measure 25ml0.75
2920St. Steel Hand Measure (25ml)0.75
2921St. Steel Hand Measure (35ml)0.75
2922St. Steel Hand Measure (50ml)0.75
2924Multi Wine Cooler2.85
2926Executive Ice Pail1.5
2927Non Slip Bar Tray1
2928St. Steel Hand Measure (125ml)1.25
2929Large Wine Cooler10
2930Economy Bar Counter (4inch)12.5
2931Bottle Skip7.95
2932Executive Bar Counter (5inch)35
2933Spittoon (Black Acrylic Table Top)5
20503inch x 3inch Dance Floor Panel3.9
2050BW16inchx16inch Black & White Dance Floor150.4
2050BWR20inchx12inch Black & White Dance Floor150.4
2039Easel & Notice Board17.5

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